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Over the past ten years, the Friends of St. Catherine's Park have contributed and planted over 13,000 bulbs, flowering plants, bushes and trees in the park gardens and continue to augment these plantings annually. Our volunteer gardeners work in cooperation with the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation to maintain and enhance flower and tree beds on a weekly basis.

Our selection and placement of new plantings is guided by two basic principles: respecting the existing design of the perennial shrubs and plants in the park gardens, while introducing supplemental plantings that celebrate the individual flowering seasons.

We have added more early spring color by planting perennials such as hellebores, rock garden irises, crocuses, winter aconite, Scilla siberica, and snowdrops. Other vibrant displays of color to watch for in the spring include golden rows of daffodils and myriad varieties of garden tulips. In addition, specific shade-loving spring plants that have thrived in the park have been expanded on a yearly basis. Examples include Astilbe chinensis, grape hyacinth, bleeding hearts and wood hyacinth.

We have also focused on diversifying and extending color in the gardens beyond spring flowering. We have accomplished this in part by the addition of Asiatic Hybrid lilies, daylilies, and Orienpet lilies. Queen Charlotte anemones and coral bells, as well as additional Butterfly bushes and Purple Dome Asters, have also been added for their late summer blooming appeal. And don’t miss the amazing roses in St. Catherine’s. They bloom in abundance throughout the summer into fall and have been photographed in full bloom in late November!

The Friends of St. Catherine’s Park seek to provide a gracious, natural environment for adults and children alike. We appreciate your support in encouraging children and adults to enjoy and respect the plantings and flowers in planted areas.

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