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St. Catherine's Park - the second most visited park per square foot in New York City – is located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan on First Avenue between East 67th and East 68th Streets. Since its reconstruction in 1997, St. Catherine's Park has filled a vital need in this city community. A busy playground that serves children of all ages, as well as a flowering green oasis for families, students, seniors, and employees of local businesses and institutions, St. Catherine’s Park is a unique urban treasure.

In cooperation with the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation, the Friends of St. Catherine's Park (FSCP), an all-volunteer, non-for-profit community group, has dedicated itself to preserving and enhancing St. Catherine’s Park, planting and maintaining the park gardens, ensuring that the playground equipment is kept in good repair and sponsoring events in the park for neighborhood children.

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Park FacilitiesPink Flower

Park Area:

Playground with baby bucket and flat seat swings, climbing equipment, sandbox and slides; elephant sprinklers; benches for reading and relaxation; picnic tables; chess tables; park gardens with flowering plants, shrubs and trees.

Ball Field Area:

Basketball courts, hand ball courts/tennis wall, running track, climbing equipment for older children, bike racks for storage during court play time, benches, chess tables, ball field border gardens with flowering plants, shrubs and trees.

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Make a Donation

Please help FSCP assure the future of St. Catherine’s Park as a green oasis in the heart of our neighborhood with your tax-exempt membership contribution.

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Consider paying tribute to a loved one, friend or a co-worker by Adopting a Bench and helping to improve and maintain the Park.

With a $2,500.00 donation to St. Catherine’s Park, you may sponsor the installation of a personalized message on a plaque for your favorite park bench. Inscriptions on the plaques are restricted to simple memorial or commemorative messages of no more than 15 words honoring the donor or the park. A proof of the plaque will be sent to you by NYC Parks. You must approve the proof and return it within two weeks to facilitate installation.

Please download, fill-in, print and return the Adopt-A-Bench form.


Our success depends on your participation! Learn more about opportunities for volunteering with the Friends of St. Catherine’s Park.

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Lenten Rose, Lenten Hellebore

Botanical Name: Helleborus orientalis, Helleborus niger

Genus: Helleborus

Geographic Origin: The genus helleborus is native to many parts of Europe including Great Britain, Spain, the Mediterranean and Romania and Ukraine. The greatest concentration of hellebores is in the Balkans.

Legend: The common name for Helleborus niger is the Christmas Rose, based on an old legend that the plant sprang out of the snow from the tears of a young girl who did not have a gift to offer the Christ Child of Bethlehem.

Description: Hellebores are five-petaled early spring flowering plants in a variety of pink, purple, or white shades. They tend to be frost-resistant and foliage is often evergreen.

Flower Color/ Bloom Period: Hellebores bloom in early spring around the time of Lent, hence their common name.